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Hello Prepper Family! It is time to return and refocus on emergency preparations. A lot of things have changed since we left, but we are going to hold true to original ideals of Preparedness Over Fear.


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The collapse of society is coming. It’s inevitable. That is at least if you’ve read all the headlines about climate change, war, insurrection, nuclear tensions, the dying oceans, falling sperm counts. It’s a lot to handle. Zeke Spector travels to the Ozarks to meet with a religious prepping community to see what it takes not to be afraid of the world.

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As relations between Sweden and Russia grow increasingly strained, the global ‘prepper’ movement is finding an unlikely home in the neutral Scandinavian nation.

The big increase in Sweden comes after the government issued a Cold War-era civil emergency advice booklet to 4.8 million households in 2018 exhorting them to prepare for the worst.

This documentary first aired on Dateline in 2019.

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Ines Pohl went on a journey into the world of preppers. She visits a Fortitude Ranch secluded deep in a forest. It's a place designed to harbor several families for months at a time. She also visits a company that build shelters in people's yards. The people she visited have a common fear — and share the certainty that the state won't help them when push comes to shove.

It’s a journey into another aspect of America’s soul.

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We discover the unique lives of three average Americans as they invite us in their home to show us their preparations for the end of the world as we know it.

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It's Gonna Get Worse (Full Episode) | Doomsday Preppers

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When a crisis or disaster occurs, people tend to panic. This video covers items that will disappear very quickly during emergencies.

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