CQB Every Civilian Should Know

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You wake up in bed. You get ready for the day. You go to work. You go to the grocery. You shop at a store. You go back home and go to sleep. We are in buildings and "close quarters" environments every day - probably even the majority of our day. That's why CQB is relevant to every person.

In this video, we go back to the basics with Drew Estell, owner of Baer Solutions and a Special Operations Veteran, to focus specifically on the top three CQB considerations every person should know and master.

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00:00 Try-Hard Intro
03:05 CQB is For Everyone
04:51 Hallways
06:29 Deliberate vs. Driving Force
14:22 Doorways
20:43 Stairs
29:33 Other Considerations
31:19 Master the Basics

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