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STAY WARM AND ALIVE - Why You Should NEVER Throw This Away!

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Don't throw this away! It can keep you alive and warm in a winter power outage. I'll show you how to make a portable fire to stay warm using the stuff around your house. Learn how to make a small portable emergency fire kit that you can give as gifts. If you're out of fuel for cars, heaters, or generators in a cold weather catastrophe then you have to find a way to stay warm.

ūüźě Buy My Mom's Book Here ūüĎČ https://amzn.to/3ueKEfu

30 Year Supply Of Survival Food Ruined! https://youtu.be/V4UZHuTdL_g

This Man Has A 30 Year Supply Of Food. It's Dirt Cheap And Easy! https://youtu.be/CP1Sx4Ossh4

Millions Will Die From This https://youtu.be/ZtkWkvJrz40

As we journey from home to homestead, I'll teach you how to become self-reliant. When the systems we rely on fail, know that you'll have the skills to provide for your family. Oh, and we'll have fun doing it! ūüĎä

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