The Fastest Shotgun in the World

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This shotgun has some ridiculous speed due to a fairly innovative operating mechanism. All ammo used was full power buckshot and slugs. Today we take a dive on the Genesis Arms 12, a semi automatic magazine fed shotgun that actually works. We've previously reviewed a version of this gun but due to the change in operating system we felt it deserved a new video. The Gen 12 is made right here in Idaho and we're a fan. Hope you all enjoy the video.

00:00 Doomslayer Gen 12 intro
1:40 The fastest shotgun currently made
3:01 Direct shotgun comparisons
5:50 Shotgun recoil comparison
6:55 combat effectiveness drills / charlie gets angry
13:20 ballistic dummy test
13:58 Gen 12 review

For the purpose of this video, this semi automatic shotgun utilizes 10 round magazines

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